State Secondary Schools in Mauritius 72 results
Adolphe de Plevitz SSS (Boys)
Business Details
Address: Sottise Road, Grand Bay
Tel: 2633117
Fax: 2639306
B. Ramlallah SSS (Boys)
Business Details
Address: Railway Road, Mapou
Tel: 2662795
Fax: 2662791
Dr James Burty David SSS (Boys)
Business Details
Address: Old Moka Road, Bell Village
Tel: 2132918
Fax: 2132917
D. Ramphul State College (Girls)
Business Details
Address: Souvenir, Calebasses
Tel: 2435020, 2435312
Fax: 2434545
G.M.D Atchia State College (Girls)
Business Details
Address: Boulevard Pitot Street, Monneron Hill, Port Louis
Tel: `2134936
Fax: 2134739
Goodlands SSS (Boys)
Business Details
Address: Reunion Maurel, Petit Raffray
Tel: 2836435
Fax: 2836435
Goodlands SS Vocational (Boys)
Business Details
Address: Geranium Street, Goodlands
Tel: 2111015
Fax: 2111015
Immacullee Conception SS Vocational (Boys)
Business Details
Address:Emyme Street, Marie Reine de la Paix, Port Louis 
Tel: 2111015
Fax: 2111015
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