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District: Plaine Wilhems
Population: 108,339.
Rose Hill is the third largest town in Mauritius, and is capital of the Lower Plaines Wilhems. It is a major commercial centre, second only to the capital Port Louis.
Today, Beau Bassin/Rose Hill is a busy town in Mauritius. It is by far the largest residential town in Mauritius inhabited by all ethnic groups. Rose Hill consists of a main town which looks like a 'downtown' with different facilities such as shops, libraries, a bus station, banks, and a post office. The main sites of interest are the Plaza (the town hall, which serves as theater and marriage hall), Balfour Gardens and the Cascadelle View Point.

Rose Hill came into being at the end of the 18th century when malaria was spreading in Port-Louis. People moved to the higher plains, where the cooler climate kept most mosquitoes away. Rose Hill and Beau Bassin became widely populated during this time. The town of Rose Hill was under the French since 1722 till 1810 and later under British from 1810 till 1968.
It was on the 14th of April 1968 that the new village of Rose Hill was been created upon the suggestion of General Board of Health. Then in the year1896 by the virtue of the regulation no 31 of 1895, the villages of Rose Hill and Beau Bassin were estranged into two separate towns. This was governed by the Board of Commissioners which comprised of eight active members. These members of the Board of Commissioners governed the two towns for about 54 years. In the year 1950, Board of Commissioners was replaced by a Town Council. Dr Emil Duvivier was the initial Town Council Chairman and he was elected by the Council of members.



Summer (September - April)
25°C - 33°C

Winter (May - August)
21°C - 24°C
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