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District: Plaines Wilhems
Mayor: Mrs Ariane Oxenham
Area: 23.8 km2 (9.2 sq mi)
Population: 81,409
Density: 3,428.6/km2 (8,880/sq mi)
Elevation: 313 m (1,027 ft)
Website: qb.mu
Quatre Bornes is a town in Mauritius, located in the Upper Plaines Wilhems District, about fifteen miles south of Port Louis. It has a population of 81,409 inhabitants.It is located between the towns of Rose Hill and Vacoas-Phoenix. From the "Old Quatre Bornes" to the "Cybercity", the town of Quatre Bornes is at the same time residential, commercial, and industrial.
An ordinance, passed in 1895 and adopted in 1896, resulted in the creation of the "Town of Quatre Bornes". Quatre Bornes is linked by roads to the north, east, south and west. The name "Quatre Bornes" probably owes its name to a map drawn by Descubes in 1880, in which he set the boundary stones (bornes) of Palma, Bassin, Trianon, and Beau Séjour. One historian suggested that the "bornes" rather delimited the three districts of Plaine Wilhems, Moka and Rivière Noire. It is also claimed that in 1761 two land owners, Mr Mabille and Mr Desveaux were having land problems. Their case was referred to as "Le cas des Quatre Bornes". W. Edward, in 1921, explained that four boundary stones used to delimit the intersections between the roads crossing Vacoas and Bassin/Palma, and La Louise and the Balisage separating the land property of La Louise, and Beau Séjour. Some also claim that Quatre Bornes owes its name to a "commune" in France. A few landmarks in the history of Quatre Bornes.

The climate of quatre bornes is very nice.

Summer (September - April)
22°C - 28°C

Winter (May - August)
16°C - 22°C
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