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District: Port Louis
Mayor: Dr. Mahmad Aniff Kodabaccus
Area: 42.7 km2 (16.5 sq mi)
Population: 147,688
Density: 3,458.73/km2 (8,958.1/sq mi)
Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. It is the largest city of the country and main port, which borders the Indian Ocean. It is located in the Port Louis District. The economy is dominated by its port, which handles Mauritius international trade. The port was founded by the French who preferred Port Louis as the City is shielded by the Port Louis/Moka mountain range. It is the largest container handling facility in the Indian Ocean and can accommodate fourth and fifth generation container vessels.
Attractions include the Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis Bazaar, the Mauritian Chinatown and the old Port Louis theatre. The capital has also three museums which are: the Mauritius Natural History Museum, the Blue Penny Museum and the Mauritius Stamp Museum. The biggest and oldest post office in Mauritius is found near the Caudan Waterfront.
Port Louis is the busiest city in Mauritius. The financial centre is also located there, with the Bank of Mauritius, the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd and the State Bank of Mauritius, all having their headquarters there.
Port Louis was already in use as a harbor in 1638. In 1735, under French government, it became the administrative center of Mauritius and a major reprovisioning halt for French ships travelling around the Cape of Good Hope. The Port is named in honour of King Louis XV. The first Governor was Count Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais.
Its localities include Plaine Verte, Chinatown, Ward IV, Vallee Pitot, Tranquebar and city centre.
The population of the city is now largely made up of the descendants of laborers who were hired for labor from India in the 19th century. Slaves were previously introduced by the British and French who colonized the island in the 18th century. After the abolition of slavery in 1835, many Indian and Chinese workers were brought to work the land, and cultivate sugar cane, at that time used to produce rum.

Port Louis features a tropical wet and dry climate with a lengthy wet season and a short dry season. Its wettest months are from December through April where on average 100mm (or more) of rain falls during each of these month. The months of September through November forms the dry season, though technically July, with an average of just under 60 mm of precipitation, could be considered a dry season month.

Summer (September - April)
28°C - 35°C

Winter (May - August)
27°C - 29°C
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