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District: Plaine Wilhems
Population: 110,000
Phoenix is one of the most industrialized towns of Mauritius: it has specific areas like Petit-Camp and Valentina where several industrial estates have been built and is known for its chic and glamorous neighborhoods and suburbs where the prime minister house is found.This has not gone without any problem, however: the factories have been accused of water pollution and have been under fire for their effects on the health of people. Recently, a textile factory had to be relocated because of complaints. Some of the remaining landmarks of the town's industrial estate are Phoenix Camp minerals, where Coca-Cola products and the local Phoenix Beer are bottled. Phoenix is also where we can find the monument of the town (a phoenix placing its claws over a pandanus plant) and the seat of the Industrial Vocational Training Board (IVTB). Shortly after he was named Minister for Education in 1997, Kadress Pillay decided to move his ministry's seat from the capital Port Louis to the IVTB building in Phoenix. Since 1994, Phoenix possesses a major shopping centre in the Centre Commercial Phoenix, whose main attractions are its hypermarket, its food court and sports store (Allsport).

Phoenix is a town of main importance, which bears the name of an ancient sugar estate now, of which only the souvenir remains. This sugar estate was set up in 1846 at the merging place of two rivers. La Rivière du Mesnil and La Rivière Sèche, and was administered by Mr. Henry Barlow. The mill was disaffected in 1874 on account of financial depression and the building widowed of its machinery was destroyed by the severe cyclone of 1892. Phoenix is also a variety of palm tree cultivated in mild regions. In 1968, when the Town of Vacoas-Phoenix was raised to the status of Municipality, the Council had to be provided with a Coat of Arms. In June 1970, the Council approved a sketch submitted by the College of Arms of London which was responsible for effecting the design, text engrossment and registration of the document. By the end of the year the Town was endowed with its Armorial Bearings and the motto "Copia et Concordia" meaning harmony and abundance assigned at it.


Summer (September - April)
25°C - 33°C

Winter (May - August)
21°C - 24°C
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