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District: Plaines Wilhems
Mayor: Sunil Kumar Beedassy
Area: 23.8 km2 (9.2 sq mi)
Population: 81,600 (2003)
Density: 3,428.6/km2 (8,880/sq mi)
Elevation: 1,543 m (5,062 ft)
Website: municipal-curepipe.org

Curepipe is a town (population 81,600 in 2003) centrally situated in Mauritius, an island country in the southwest Indian Ocean. It is second in size and importance to Port Louis, the capital.

Compared to the rest of the island, Curepipe lies at a higher elevation, often referred to as the "Central Plateau".

Curepipe is a great city of Mauritius for shopping where tourists will find duty free shops, ship models boutique, indian wear shsops and other attractive souvenir shops.


Curepipe is also referred to as "La Ville Lumière" (in English "The Town of Light") since it was the first town in the island to run on electricity.

Some historians believe that the name was given as travelers and soldiers from the 19th century, traveled from Port Louis and Grand Port (Mahebourg) to refill their pipes in Curepipe. Other historians do not share the same view and believe that the name was given after a late landowner during the 18th century.


Lying on the central plateau, Curepipe has a temperate climate with cool winters and rainy, humid summers. The soil is lush and rich, as testified by the conifer woods surrounding the town. The French founded the settlement at the very beginning of the French colonisation of the island, with the cool climate likely reminding them of their native France.

Summer (September - April)
22°C - 28°C

Winter (May - August)
13°C - 22°C
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