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District: Plaines Wilhems
Mayor: Mr. Norbert Froget
Area: 20.2 Km2
Population: over 100 000
The appellation of Beau Bassin is thought to be derived from a pond situated in the north of the town. Beau Bassin is situated between rose hill and port louis. It consists of many interesting places such as Balfour Gardens, Sorreze Waterfall.
Originally, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill was part of a rural area, which was conceded, on 30th April 1759, by the 'Conseil Superieur' of the 'Compagnie des Indes' which administered the Island from 1722 - 1765, to Mr. Jean Baptiste Bourceret de St Jean, who was 'Conseiller Commissaire de la Marine' of the Company. The Beau-Bassin Sugar Factory, which was built in 1788, was closed in 1868 and the land was parcelled out. The residential area of Beau-Bassin attracted businessmen, traders and professionals. Their residences were known as The Oaks, Harewood Park or Llewllyn Castle. The then village of Beau-Bassin was created on the 1st November 1877.

Beau Bassin has one of the better climates in Mauritius, with the cool winds from Moka and the sunny sky of the west, makes it a good or maybe the best town to live in. Not as hot as Port Louis and not as humid as Curepipe, Beau Bassin is the mildest. One of the reasons why fruits and flowers are abundant.

Summer (September - April)
27°C - 32°C

Winter (May - August)
22°C - 25°C
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